Girl Anachronism (musewrangler) wrote in bad_service,
Girl Anachronism

Good times at the concession stand.

I try to avoid buying anything more than the occasional soda from the movie theater concession counter (I'd rather not pay $4 for a $1 bag of candy, thanks). But last week I was really in the mood for a few peanut butter M&Ms. I was at the theater for a matinee showing, pretty early in the day, so it's not as if this particular employee had been dealing with a shift's worth of bad customers or anything...

AE = Asshat employee (grumpy mumbler)

AE: *stares at me* (no greeting, no "what can I get you?")
Me: Hi -- I'd like a medium Diet Coke and a bag of peanut butter M--
AE: *interrupts* Wouldn't you rather have a combo? *points at the combo sign -- a combo is a huge soda, a huge popcorn and a candy*
Me: *politely* No thank you. (I know they're required to offer the combo, but he should've been ready to do so before I ordered)
AE: *frustrated* But it'll save you money!
Me: Just a medium Diet Coke and a bag of peanut butter M&M's, please.
Me: No. Must a medium Diet Coke and a bag of peanut butter M&Ms, please.
AE: *exasperated sigh, rolls eyes, sets soda to fill, throws bag of peanut M&Ms on the counter*
Me: *clenched jaw* (Serenity now!!) Um, I said peanut butter M&Ms. In the orange bag.
AE: *slams orange bag on counter, rings up order, stares at me*
Me: *looks at cash register for total, since AE's certainly not up to speaking it out loud. It's $6 and change.*

Yep, that combo certainly would have saved me money. I would've paid an extra $5 for a huge tub of popcorn I didn't want.

I know the employees are required to mention the combo deal, but what was with the extra attitude? Do theaters offer a commission on combo sales now? ;)

Obviously, I was a sucky customer for not ordering the combo.

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