Bee Cool (dominiedirtch) wrote in bad_service,
Bee Cool

B_S at Applebees!

I almost always get bad service at Applebees, in fact, only one time in the dozens of times I've eaten there, at one location out of the 5 or 6 I've been to, can I ever remember getting good service there. Needless to say, I'm not a fan of their service, but it's one of the few places open late near my work that serves an awesome vegetable based dinner (I'm vegetarian, my co-workers are not), so I end up there with my co-workerers quite frequently.

Now, normally, the bad service I recieve at Applebees is limited to having a server who is rude, forgets to enter our food, forgets to bring out entrees for one or more of the people at the table, takes 20 minutes to bring our drinks, never refills our drinks, or brings me a salad or quesidilla with bacon on it after I specified "no meat, I'm a vegetarian" when ordering (this one actually happens more often than not)..and I'm at peace with the fact that if I'm at Applebees these things are most likely going to happen. However, a few months ago something happened that was so unacceptable that I'm still angry about it, and have decided to avoid that Applebees location at all costs in the future.

My co-workers and I decided to stop at Applebees after our shifts on a Friday night for some appetizers and drinks. Now, one of the girls I work with is not from this country, and upon talking to her it becomes very obvious that she's not from this country because although she speaks perfect, fluent english, she has a distinct accent. Not to mention the fact that she has dark hair and skin and is very obviously of South American descent.

This particular night, she happened to be the one who spoke with the hostess at Applebees, who was wearing a nametag that said something like "Kalan". Not exactly the most common of names, and even though I'm American born and raised there's a good chance that I wouldn't pronounce it right. So, Kalan greets my co-worker and goes off to find us a table. While she's gone, another hostess comes up and asks if we've been helped, to which my co-worker replies, "Yes, we have, Kalan (she pronounced it Kay-len) is finding us a table, thank you though." A few minutes later, Kalan comes back and tells us it'll be 10 minutes or whatever for our table, and starts talking to ther other hostess. The hostess says, "Guess how that Mexican girl over there said your name? Kay-len!!". Both girls then proceed to make fun of my co-worker right in front of me, calling her a "stupid mexican" and joking that she should learn to speak english if she's going to live in the United States.

I was furious. Not only were they making racial comments about a customer while at work, but they had BOTH seen us in their restaurant almost every weekend for months and months and months (Kalan has been working literally everytime we've gone to Applebees as a group, and has seated us almost everytime as well). I was the only person that heard what they said, and I decided that I wouldn't tell my co-worker because she was going through some things at the time and I didn't want to upset her more, but I did email corporate and let them know that I would not be coming back to that location, and most likely either would my co-workers.
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