Dresden Wolf (dresden_wolf) wrote in bad_service,
Dresden Wolf

Fuck Office Depot's Online Ordering.

Long. Very much so.

Early last week we placed an order for a phone system from you guys (I recommended my customer go with a different brand but he wanted cheap so, you got tagged). Took the order, everything seemed to go swimmingly.

But oh ho! I was lulled into a false sense of security!

Let us start the list of apparent fuckups.

1)You miss routed my package so it arrived a day later than necessary. Shit happens, I can understand a minor mistake and tolerate it even if my customer who was expecting the phone system was upset.

2)YOU GAVE ME A BAD SYSTEM. Again, you guys didn't MAKE the system, RCA did. Not your fault but naturally I expect an even exchange. You send me a new one, I return the bad one.

3)The lady I spoke with on Friday informed me that this was no problem. She would send me a new system along with a return label. I was able to ignore the fact that since you outsource your phone support to El Salvador, what should have been a 5 minute call became 20 as everything between us both had to be repeated 4 times for clarification. I was ASSURED I would have the new system on Monday.

4)Monday rolls around. My UPS guy shows up and says "Hey! Here's a return label. You got something for me?" Um...do you have something ELSE for me? "Nope. Just this return label." Then I have nothing for ya.

4b)I call you guys up...once again get routed to El Salvador where I am informed that for SOME reason, my phone system order was never placed, but a return was processed. Again, people fuck up but you guys are pushing your fuck up limit for the year with me at this point. After a slight go around, I'm told that my order will be at my office door the next day (Tuesday/Today) bright and early. This all happened around 10:45am.

5)4:30pm, I get a call back from a lady named Nancy. My secretary asked her to hold on for just a moment while I got off the line with another client but was able to pick up from her that a hold had been placed on my order. 45 seconds after being put on hold, I go to pick up the phone to discover...Nancy has hung up.

5b)4:32pm, I call back. Once again I'm sent to El Salvador but for whatever reason, nobody there seems to know who this Nancy lady is. Whatever, as long as a body can tell me whats up, I'm cool. It seems a hold was put on my order because, despite an even balance exchange (I give back your bad phone system, you give me my money back. You sell me a working unit and take the money back according to how your system works) you can't process the new order without charging my card.

OK what? Even transaction. Back to square one. My pending balance is ZERO. But you have to charge my card? No. 34 minutes later (after being hung up on twice because at this point I'm well within my right to be pissed off and can't seem to keep my temper in check), everything is seeming squared away. Except!!!!

6)Due to the late hour at which I was called back, you can't get the order out to me today. I'll have to wait. And you ALSO wont overnight it even though you have it at a warehouse in Denver about 40 miles away. You tell me I'll have to wait until FRIDAY to get a system that should have been finished and installed LAST WEDNESDAY.

In the mean time, I have my customer who has already paid for this system jumping up my ass and back out repeatedly because he wants his fucking phone system (his words, not mine). Of course, no one accepts responsibility for the numerous Whoopsfucks and mistakes and you aren't willing to bite the bullet to get it to me sooner.

In closing: FUCK YOU ALL WITH A 15in SANDPAPER DILDO. Misroutings, orders unplaced, a bad system, run around after run around, and a week later, I get my system.

Here is a hint: STOP OUTSOURCING TO EL SALVADOR (I've been there. Great countryside...a shithole otherwise). Just because the lady says her name is Nancy, doesn't make it seem more American to be talking to her. A fauxname does not cover up a thick accent that almost requires an interpreter to get anything accomplished.

Your repeated bullshit has left me with an irriate customer as well as a black mark on my company which up until now has been spot on flawless. But what do you care? As long as you get your money, my headaches are irrelevent.

Once again I say, from the bottom of my heart, FUCK YOU ALL

No love whatsofuckingever from your unhappy Director of Sales and Marketing,

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