Rachael, AKA The Carbonated Mystery Beverage (morningdragon) wrote in bad_service,
Rachael, AKA The Carbonated Mystery Beverage

Whatever happened to 9-5?

So I got a ticket. The first ticket I've ever gotten. And I'm 22. So that's not too bad. But then we had some family drama, my grandfather (who was like a father to me, and many many others) passed away, we had to worry about funeral details, etc, and it ended up not only pushed to the back of my mind, but in my apartment which is in a different part of the state than where my family is. So I got back to it today, and remembered that the officer had told me to call by a certain day. Oops. So I check the date on the ticket, which is not really legible. I can read the date and year, but not the month. It doesn't look like it says July and it definitely doesn't look like august. It looks like a cursive "Iee". I probably should've looked closer when I got it, so my bad. It's just after 4:30 so I decide to call right away. I call the number given, and it proceeds like this:
Call 1, 4:36. I call the right extension, 10 rings, no answer, I hang up.
Call 2, 4:48. I call, try a different extension, 15 rings this time, no answer again. I hang up.
Calls 3 and 4, 4:40 and 4:42, respectively. At the first set of extension options I simply press 0. Each time, a heavily accented female voice gives me her name and says that she's unavailable, and to call back later.

I'm within business hours, and there's apparently no one there, and at no point in these phone calls am I given the option to leave some sort of message. I'm afraid that the date I needed to call by was last Saturday, but without being able to leave a message, there's no proof that I took action to call them.

It's not really about the ticket, I'm just ticked that no one can be bothered to stay at work during normal business hours.
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