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shoe shopping gripe (general)

Dear American shoe stores/shoe distributors,
i fail to understand why, for the love of God, it's so difficult for y'all to carry a decent amount of large sizes of shoes for us females. specifically size 11s, since 10 1/2s (my foot size) doesn't usually exist. telling me to go buy men's shoes will irritate me, as that only works for work sneakers. and telling me that only one pair of each design is carried because there is "little demand" is what i call bullshit.

why? i'm not an anomaly. there are PLENTY of big footed people out there. hello, five foot ten girl born of a six foot four father. i've just discovered that one of my closest friends on LJ is of the exact same description. we are not alone.

not everyone is a gorram size five/six/seven. please figure out this yesterday. Europe already has, if my visit to a Klompenmaker in Zaanse-Schans (the Netherlands; methinks i confused some ppl, my apologies) ten years ago was any indication. (they had klompen from size two-month-too-soon preemie to something i swear would fit Shaquille O'Neal--it was HUGE.)

in conclusion, may i politely suggest you take lessons from our cousins across the ocean, especially the Germans? :wiggles Birk-clad foot: see how nicely they make their expensive-but-worth-it Birkenstocks? yea, that's right. IN MANY SIZES.

of course if you want to remain stubborn and ignorant, then i guess the Germans will keep getting my business every five or so years, as it takes my Birkenstocks that long to wear down.

thank you,
big-footed girl
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