Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

Semi-bad service

In my area we have an irrigation district. This district is similar to the PUD (Public Utility District, aka electric company) but instead of providing electricity provides irrigation water for people to water their lawns as well as water to farmers to water their crops. Both are "publicly" owned companies and provide "services" to the community (and THAT is debatable on both accounts).

That said...

I'm driving home and I'm on a long stretch of road where the speed limit is 35 but one can easily forget the limit and go faster without realizing you're speeding. I'm driving the speed limit and a few miles over the limit (like I said, you can easily go well over) up to 40 miles per hour. I notice my speed, right at that time, to be approaching 40 mph when I look in my rear view mirror and see a white truck coming up, pretty fast, behind me. He overtakes me, passes me to the left and then merges back into the right lane before continuing speeding down the road. I notice the logo on his truck - ____ Irrigation District. He's still not too far ahead of me when I see him flick his cigarette right out his window - still lit! There is a large field to the right of us and the only thing that came to mind was that if the embers from his cigarette landed near or in that field, it would catch on fire. We've had so many fires here in our area because the Irrigation District has reduced the amount of water to residential homes. In fact, just last weekend was a huge fire in the field next to the grocery store that it took the fire department from two districts to come and put it out.

You would think, an employee of a public utility company such as the irrigation district would know better. We're in fire season, his own company has reduced the water so the whole town and surrounding areas are dry and dangerous. We've had several fires in this area already including one in town. How stupid could that man be to flick his LIT cigarette out the window thinking no one would know? It's illegal to dump anything out your car window let alone dumping out a lit cigarette!

So I get home, I call the irrigation district and tell the woman what I saw, gave her the license plate number and she agreed that what he did was wrong especially given that their policy is that no employees can smoke inside company owned vehicles. That guy was so busted. I could have called the police on the non-emergency number but I figured that getting him in trouble with the law wasn't what he needed, just someone at his work to remind him not to be stupid and toss lit cigarettes out his window especially when driving in an area with lots of traffic. You just might never know if the car behind you is an undercover cop car or not.
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