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La Quinta, Spanish for crappy hotel.

So I was meeting up with a friend and we decided to go to a hotel (yeah, it was that kind of friend). We decide on this place called "La Quinta", I'd never stayed there before but they had rooms available and were close to where we needed to be. He goes in and we get a room key and stuff and go up. We go in and find an unmade bed and a Gatorade on the night stand. Um...ew. Okay, they fix it relatively quickly by giving us a new room. It really starts getting retarded after that though. Mind you, it's pretty late while we were there so this is taking place at like...5 or 6 in the morning. We're doing our thing and someone tries to open the fucking door. Thank God, I just randomly decided to put the latch on the door, I never thought someone would try to come into our room while we were in there but for some reason I put the latch on. They didn't even knock or anything, they just tried to barge in. It scared the living shit out of me and had I not put the latch on they would've gotten an eyeful. Does it end there? Nope. At around 7am we get a phone call from someone at the front desk. They're calling and saying we're in the wrong room. Apparently some idiot forgot to key into the computer that we switched rooms, causing them to almost barge in on us and then causing them to call at 7 am and see why we were in that room. There was this whole confusion over us being in the wrong room and booking two rooms but only staying in one. I just couldn't believe they decided to call THAT early. Obviously they had to see the time we checked in and they saw that we paid for one of the rooms, was it so incredibly important that they couldn't wait to call and bitch to us about their mistake at a decent hour?

Okay whatever so we go to check out and they tell my friend that he didn't pay enough. Buh?? The girl at the front desk said the room rate was like 100 bucks or something and he didn't pay tax. Rather, they didn't charge him the tax when he originally checked in and were trying to do it now when we were leaving. My friend got understandably pissed and mentioned all the problems we'd had with being disturbed in the middle of the night and then at an ungodly hour of the morning in addition to the dirty room they gave us in the beginning. The front-desk girl just flatly asked "You want to speak to a manager?" He said yes and the manager came out. He didn't seem to understand that we didn't believe he should have to pay the tax now because of all the crap they'd put us through. (Mind you, we were planning on complaining regardless of the tax situation) Instead the manager winded up giving us like $2 and some change as a "refund" for the tax we never paid...and tax on a hundred dollar room would undoubtedly be more than 2 bucks. My friend tried giving the money back but the guy just said for us to take it and that it was okay, he actually didn't listen to much of the complaint and just started keying things into the computer before opening the register and giving us the money. That part obviously wasn't bad service, it was just...odd.
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