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Bad Service at Wendy's

As long as I've been going to Wendy's, I should become accustomed to the horrible service the place usually gives. Either the people are rude and/or stupid, they mess up our order, or lack to give us most of it... I don't think we've ever had a visit to that place that didn't have something wrong.

Today was the last straw. My husband and I went in to get a hamburger before going home to do a few things and decided that we wanted to eat in instead of taking it home to the apartment with crappy AC. So we go inside. Restaurant is completely empty sans us. Drive through had like... two cars. So we stand behind the gates to figure out what we want before stepping up.

And we wait.

And we wait some more.

A worker peeked around the corner at us then disappeared again.

We wait a bit more.

And we wait some more.

A little guy who spoke broken english said it would be just a minute. We can hear and see at least four other people in the sandwich area. One at drivethrough, two at the sandwiches, and another girl doing nothing.

We wait.

We wait more.

I thump my purse down on the counter and clear my throat.

And we continue to wait.

Finally I tell hubby that we'll go elsewhere and holler to the workers "Thanks for nothing!" and walk out. Do you think a single one of them turned to say anything? Nope. They stood back there and chatted.

I would call the manager... but it's never helped before. Maybe I'll give it another chance later on tonight.

I hate that place. If only I didn't like their chili so damned much.
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