azetburcaptain (azetburcaptain) wrote in bad_service,

Fuck you CIBC, FUCK YOU.

Because you see... most people solve their banking problems over the PHONE. They never ever have problems with their accounts having weird holds on it and blocks.

I should not have a block. I get paid every two weeks and I need to pay my bills. I don't care if you think my account is compromised. It is MY MONEY. I need access to that money. I do NOT deserve to be treated this way and given the run around just because I'm not using high end services and don't have 5 million dollars in my account.

I do NOT deserve this. I have been a customer with you for six years. FUCK YOU. I have had problems since day one with this account and I will be closing it on monday. From now on, I will bank with a flexible bank and I will not have these kinds of problems.
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