_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

This is bad_service and partially, my boyfriend is retarded for believing this kid.

A few weeks ago a 18, 19 year old boy came up to our apartment. He said he was doing a fundraiser for his highschool [the highschool I actually went to] and said all we needed to do was sign our name to a list, and that we would get one free issue of the Sacramento Bee.

"That's it? Sure, we'll sign your stupid thing. But wait, will we be billed?"

"I promise and guarantee you will never get a bill. You just sign this paper. They don't bill you, I just give you one free issue and then you can decide to get the Bee if you want it. But they won't bill you unless you call them to sign up".

"So, they won't bill us. All we do is sign and get the free paper?"

"Yeah. You won't be billed. All you do is sign and get the free paper"

So my boyfriend, I love him but he's kind of dim, signs for it. After this we start getting the Bee every single day. A week or two later we recieve a bill for 30 damn dollars saying "Thank you for subscribing to the Sacramento Bee!"

I called them right when I got the bill. They were closed, and I left a message telling them what happened.

I get a call back when I'm at work and they leave a message saying it isn't their fault we're stupid [and trusting]
and signed up. They said it's not their fault that we signed up for some kid's paper route even though he did lie and say we wouldn't be billed.

So, any suggestions on how I can call these people back and have them stop the paper?? We definitely don't want to have to pay the 30 dollars. Especially since the boyfriend says, "All I did was sign a paper with about 100 other signatures on it. There was nothing about being billed at all. It was just a big paper with a ton of other signatures."

And apparently our neighbors got duped too. The kid went to every apartment in our complex with this little "fundraiser".
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