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English, mutha fucka! DO YOU SPEAK IT?

Your establishment is located in an area where the population is 98.6% white.

So please. PLEASE. Do. Not. Put. Someone. On. Til. Who. Can. NOT! Speak. A. Word. Of. ENGLISH.

The burger was ordered with extra cheese and extra extra extra pickles. The lady behind the til looked puzzled for a moment and conversed with another employee (who I assume was the manager) in Spanish regarding the situation. He pushed a few buttons on the touch screen, they converse a bit more in Spanish and the order is run through. A bit pricey, but whatever. I was expecting it considering my few extras and as they are not in the habit of giving out itemized receipts, I assumed all was well...

However, I was NOT expecting a burger with 7. SEVEN!!!! patties and no cheese on it. Granted it was an honest mistake that anyone could've made...but I highly doubt it would've happened if the girl behind the register could CONVERSE IN ENGLISH.

When I went back to politely point out the mistake, she stared blankley at me for several moments, looked at my burger and shrugged, then went to get someone who could SPEAK ENGLISH to correct the problem.

If the lady could understand English or the two employees had discussed the problem in English, this would not have happened. But alas, you hired and put up front people who CAN NOT SPEAK ENGLISH. Obviously she could understand enough of it to get the gist of what I desired but lacked the ability to return/hold a conversation in English if things became too complicated.

I guess it was no wonder that the place was empty when we got there.

I understand your need to fill job positions in order to maintain your business. However, english should be a requirement. Period.

HOLYMOTHERFUCKEDIT: I just love how people have taken this small gripe and spun it into a political/immigration debate.

I never said I have a problem with the fact that a spanish-speaking person was working at the Wendy's. I was only upset that they had someone who could not speak the common language of the area serving customers.

LEGAL immigrants can be here all they want and they can work the jobs I don't want. I'm the guy who runs the company that installs entire data networks in Fortune 500 companies and they are the ones that clean out my trash bins. I have no problem with this whatsoever.

From the beginning of this my only issue has been with the fact that the bitch couldn't speak English and therefore should NOT be running a register.

You people make me laugh. Seriously. Any excuse to throw opinions around about completely OT subjects...

Bad_Service. Not Immigration_War_Assimilation_Yousuckatlife.

No love whatsoever from your friendly English-Speaking Director of Sales and Marketing,
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