creepybrat (creepybrat) wrote in bad_service,

Telemarketing ass.

Lately I've seen a few posts regarding telemarketers. When I read them I think of the insane one that was bothering my parents. This happened over a year ago....

My mother is retired and my dad was still working. This telemarketer would call my parents house and ask for my dad. My mom would tell him he's working and ask to take a message because my dad is self employed and it could be a customer. The guy would hang up.

Mom thought it was rude and they do have call display so she recorded the number. After a while mom knew the number off by heart. The guy would would do her speil and he would hang up. Dad told her to tell the guy he isn't interested in whatever he was trying to sell.

The guy called back, mom said he was working and whatever he was wanting with my dad, he's not interested.

Ass: Who are you to (my dad)?>
Mom: I'm his wife.
Ass: You cannot speak for him!

Mom slams the phone down.

The ass calls back again!

ASS: If I was there I would punch you in the mouth!
Mom: (laughs) You just try! and hangs up again.

A few days pass and the asswipe calls again...this time dad is home and answers the phone.
The guy asks for dad..

Ass: Can I speak to (dad).
Dad: (loud and angry) Speaking and are you the asshole that called here saying you wanted to punch my wife in the mouth?
Ass: No sir! I have no idea what you are saying.
Dad: Don't lie! We have your number listed on our call display several times and it's the same number that threatened my wife! I DON'T WANT WHATEVER SHIT YOU ARE TRYING TO SELL ME AND IF YOU CALL BACK AGAIN I'M CALLING THE POLICE! (slam phone down)

Dad would have loved to punch him in the mouth.

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