Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

The Dramatic Conclusion!!

Here's the link to the beginning

So the bank manager, Judy, called me back this morning. I went through the whole ordeal again from the beginning. She said that she ok'd the 11.77 refund, but not the 60.00. I was like, WTF? I told her that a woman from the Carterville branch said she personally spoke to her about my refund and that it was ok'd. I shouldn't be penalized because of an employee's screw up. (BTW, They fired the dude that started this isn't that admitting they did something wrong?) She said that they would refund me 1 NSF fee and that was it. BULL FUCKING SHIT. Hell no. I was not accepting that as an answer. I was irate. I told her I was going to speak with the Carterville branch and I was getting my money back no matter what.

I hung up with her and called the other branch.

*Repeating the past month's problems for the zillionth time*. Luckily, I got the woman that spoke to the bitch in Marion. She said that she was 100% positive that Judy ok'd the refund. She said that they have problems with this other branch all the time. So we went over my account, starting from June 19th and acted like the 11.77 for the misordered checks and the 60.00 NSF fees were never removed from my account. I had missed 4 things at the very very end where my hubby spent money after all was said and done. That resulted in 120.00 NSF. She said that she wasn't even going to speak with Judy again. She told me that as soon as she got off the phone with me she would post the refunds to my account.

All in all we ended up putting in $400.00 to cover it all and we got $300.00 back. I guess I can live with it. I'll just beat my husband for the other $100.00.

She apologized over and over again about the whole thing. I told her that I was very very happy she was going to fix all of this for me. I was stressing myself into an ulcer. She told me I should lodge a formal complaint with the corporate Old National. She gave me her name and the number. She said that unless people complain about Marion's bank manager, nothing will ever be done about her.

So now I have to shop around and find a good bank. Erg. I've heard so many horror stories about certain banks in the area, I'm scared. I might look into the credit union option. I think Circuit City has their own. I'll look in my husband's paper work. If not there is one that is affiliated with the local university. Hmm...I'm just glad its over with.

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