nmgirl98 (nmgirl98) wrote in bad_service,

Update from my post here which was..2 weeks ago I believe.

We're still in the dark when it comes to the wonderful magic Comcast is supposedly doing for our situation.  In the past two weeks:

-We've been down internet and digital cable for a total of 7 days..I've been keeping a meticulous log
-Been visited by 2 installers and 4 technicians
-Been told that it wasn't anything in our house at least 6 times even tho they check every time they come out
-Been told we aren't the only ones having these kinds of problems and that, no, it isn't limited to just 2 houses in our neighborhood

I have:
-yelled at no less than 7 people in the call center in Canada and here locally. 
-written up a scathing letter that will be posted tomorrow, to the attention of the company president here locally.  Emails have already been sent higher in the command structure.
-been stuck at home for at least 5 days waiting for 'someone' to show up to tell me the same things over and over again

Supposedly today, they actually fixed a cable - installed a new one somewhere close by - and suprisingly, our internet is back up in all its glory.  Digital cable - not so much.  At least now I can play catch-up with all the work I've been missing.  Thank God for a very understanding hopeful future employer.

I've yet to hear:
-We're very sorry about the problem
-We'll make sure to credit your account for the amount of time you were without service

I'm so over these idiots.  As I said in my journal, they suck so hard they'll probably be the cause of a bidding war between all the pimps in town.

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