We're off to see the Wizard (ashadelic) wrote in bad_service,
We're off to see the Wizard

So you called to insult me, eh?

I'm sitting here, minding my own business when the phone rings.

Me: "Hello?"
*ring ring*
Me: "Hello?"
Him: "Hello. My name is blah blah" (very thick Indian accent)
Me: "Are you with People PC?" (to clarify, I've received calls from an Indian man AND woman with People PC over the last two days)
Him: "No. I'm calling about your mortgage."
Me: "We dont have a mortgage."
Him: "Can I speak with the homeowner please?"
Me: "We dont own. But I'm the lady of the house. What are you calling for?"
Him: "YOU'RE the lady of the house?"
Me: "Yes."

HE LAUGHED!!! wtfbbq

Me: "What do you want?"
Him: "I'm calling about your mortgage."
Me: "We dont have a mortgage. We rent."
Him: "And you're a Mrs.?"
Me: "Yes. I'm a Mrs."


Normally, I would've hung up but I was way too dumbfounded to be being laughed at by someone who interrupted MY day to call be about something that I'm sure I didnt care about.

Him: "I'm sorry to laugh (so sorry he kept laughing the entire time), but to be frank, you sound like a child. That is why I asked for the Home Owner."
Me: silence.....
Him: "You're really a Mrs?"
Me: *evident annoyance* "Yes, I'm a Mrs. And I dont have a mortgage so we have no further business with this call."
Him: "I'm sorry Ma'am. You just sound like a child. Have a good day." *click*

Geee... thanks for making sure you get one more pot shot in=\

What... the... hell....
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