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Being from Boston, I was a huge Nomar Garciaparra fan and still keep tabs on him even tho he is playing across the country from me.  Regardless, I ordered from Modell's a Garciaparra, Dodgers shirt on July 13, 2006.  I got an email conformation that said my order had been placed and that my credit card would not be charged until I got an email that said the item had been shipped.  I went on vacation the 15th and was at a beach house with no internet access, therefore just assuming that I would have the email when I returned. I got home and it had not come in the mail, I waited a few more days as when I was away they held my mail for me and I thought maybe that had caused a mix up (although, I was doubtful this happened because other packages were delivered when we arrived home).  Today, I went to the Modell website and entered my order number and saw that the item has been located but never shipped.  It was ordered two weeks from today and says it will be shipped with in 7 business days, which has passed.  My real question isn't the service so much as that the ONLY way to contact Modell's is through their website, in which it does not promise a response for at least 2 business days.  I would like to call and just see what the hold up is and possibly cancel the order as I'm not crazy that I've had good amount of money pending in my debit account for two weeks now.  Does anyone have a number where I could talk to a person?

Edit: I used the number, thanks for the information, and because its a customized jersey it CANNOT be cancelled, supposedly its going to be shipped today, so we will see.

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