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Kinda old but something today reminded me of it.

Was working at a remote site on the eastern plains of Colorado. The building was surrounded on all sides by a chain link fence but had a good 50 feet of clearance on all sides, meaning there was a 50 foot path from the gate to the building.

Being that it was winter at the time, there was a nice bit of snow on the ground and I was driving a fully loaded Suburban. I got into the complex without trouble. I drove around it without trouble and parked on the far side. Proceeded with my work while snow continued to pile up, but the path itself remained packed down and intact. Before leaving, I walked a good bit of it just to test the ground, stomping occassionally to avoid weak spots.

I go to leave and about halfway to the gate, my massive SUV just up and SINKS into the snow. All 4 wheels, buried completely. I had to pretty much shoulderblock the door open and when I put it in 4 wheel drive, only one tire would spin.

Now for the bad service.

I called up AAA and told um the skinny of the situation. Fully Loaded Subdivision, high-centered in the snow. Send a Wrecker. Not a flatbed...a Wrecker. This is an extraction. Not a tow job. And the vehicle is fucking huuuge.

The guys response?

"We know what we're doing! *in a very snarky, smartassed toned* We'll be there in a half an hour."

And exactly one hour later, a flatbed arrives. I tell the guy point blank it WILL NOT WORK. You're going to need a Wrecker. This is a fully loaded SUBURBAN buried in two feet of snow and ice. He of course ignores me completely.

I get out of the Subdivision while the guy lowers the bed and attatches his chains to it. As he gets back in his truck, I stand with my index finger barely touching the hood of my car. He starts to drive forward, the chains pull tight...and nothing else happens. No pressure on my finger whatsoever. Lo and behold, the flatbed starts to slide back, as it can't lift my massive vehicle out of the snow/ice and immediately gets stuck as well.

Flatbed driver gets out, examines the situation and acts like its my fault...saying I should've requested a larger extraction vehicle.

Uh...didn't I just tell you not 7 minutes ago that it WOULDN'T WORK?

He calls his dispatch and THEY proceed to tell me I should've requested a larger extraction vehicle.

I told them both that I plain as day asked for a WRECKER not a flatbed. That this was a simple extraction not a TOW job.

So they send out the massive Wrecker to drag us both out...still obviously pissed like its my fault they're morons and grumbling about the entire situation.

Once they get my vehicle out, the guy from the flatbed comes over and again tries to point out how it was MY fault. To which I calmly replied "I told you what I needed and you guys didn't listen. Not everyone who calls needing your services is stupid".

So...a 45 minute job turned into 3 hours. They treat their fuckups and lack of understanding of the situation like its my fault. They (of course) never admitted to making a mistake despite that fact being horribly obvious.
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