amiee_271 (amiee_271) wrote in bad_service,

someone at Autozone has a wrench stuck up their ass

soo... i, being a 20-year old girl not particularly familiar had to make a foray into Autozone today... it was apparently enemy territory

backstory - recently i had someone siphon gas out of tank when i was asleep... they only got about half a gallon (yay for lazy me not going to the gas station that night), but i figure that its happened once, it will happen again, so i might as well get a locking gas cap and prevent it from happening

me - 20 years old, smile smile smile
AH - Asshat customer service employee

Me - (walking into store,theres no one in the store except for the 2 guys who are hanging out by the register) Hi! I'm looking for a locking gas cap, but I'm not sure what the differences are between them and which cars they'll fit.
AH - the difference is one locks and the other doesnt
Me - (gives WTF look)
AH - one locks... the other doesnt... its not that hard
Me - I need to know which one fits the car I have... i understand that one locks, hence being called a LOCKING gas cap

Thankfully the other guy who was working there helped look up which one i needed for my car... seriously though, what the hell was with the other guy!
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