Becky (beckatsila) wrote in bad_service,

I got a new treatment team--and some answers

I finally got a new treatment team--I met with the therapist today and I meet with the psychiatrist in about three weeks. I'm guardedly optimistic.

The new therapist shed some light on why everything went so wrong--I was misdiagnosed. We're currently working on getting the wrong diagnosis removed from my chart--you'd think three people saying it's a misdiagnosis would be enough, but apparently not. Hopefully we can get this removed "in a few weeks"(the therapist's words, not mine) and something like what happened will never happen again.

I also learned there's information flat-out missing from my chart. I have Asperger's syndrome. I told my original treatment team that. My mother told them the same thing. We sent them a copy of the diagnostic report. The fact that I have Asperger's is not, for some strange reason, in my chart. Hmm, maybe my old treatment team got through medical school by working in AOL's accounts cancellation department?

It's amazing what I've put up with from these people. Scary thing is, they have the highest customer satisfaction rating for a community mental health center in the State of Indiana. I'm honestly terrified of what kind of treatment I'll get if I ever have to go elsewhere.

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