kastinkerbell (kastinkerbell) wrote in bad_service,

I don't think I'm asking too much

This isn't about one experience, it's about many general experiences lately.

It seems to be increasingly rare that I can go to a restaurant and not feel like I'm imposing on the folks that work there. Some examples?

1) Went to a bar last Thursday with a few gals to celebrate an upcoming wedding. We were pleasant, well-dressed, and sat ourselves like the sign indicated....and then waited......and waited. We had to go searching for somebody to take an order. He brought out the menus (they have a lot of specialty cocktails), threw them down and said "what do you want?". Not one smile or stray word the whole time. Brought our drinks and said only "is this a tab or cash?" These are phrases that are perfectly fine and acceptable when said nicely...but not at all when said with a frown and a chip on the shoulder.

2) Lunch today. Seated, ignored for several minutes. Got our food and it wasn't hot and then had to flag down two separate workers just to get napkins and silverware. That's right, they plopped down the food and left us no way to eat it. When our server finally came over, she said that we didn't get any because they had run out. WTF? I understand that some restaurants have the policy of rolling up the silverware in napkins, but I kind of find it hard to believe that no sliverware is better than non-rolled up silverware. Oh, and we were only offered refills when our check was delivered (which was 10 minutes after we were done eating and had been sitting there staring at the ceiling).

Honestly, I give allowances for people having bad days, for places being short-staffed, etc...but it's happening almost every time I go out. I don't expect to be fawned over or have my butt kissed...but I also don't think that I need to be that much more friendly and respectful to them than they are to me.

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