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Virgin Mobile's Sugar Mama is a Sucky Mama

I signed up for Sugar Mama about a month ago. Sugar Mama is a program that adds minutes to your Virgin Mobile phone in exhange for watching ads, reading text messages, and taking surveys. Pretty straightforward, right?

I have only been able to watch the ads. The surveys haven't come up yet for anyone. Ok, stuff happens. But where are the text messages? I check the Virgin Mobile myspace forum to see if, like the surveys, the texts aren't ready for the public. Nope. Everybody else is getting them like clockwork. While I never got any actual texts that gave me minutes, everyday they text me a confirmation message to opt in. I answer each one in the affirmative, but so far, nothing that'll give me minutes.

The FAQ section was of no help. Nor were my emails to Sugar Mama any help. As a last resort, I called help (HATE) to explain the situation. They didn't provide any other way to contact them, and even snippily pointed out that I got "a lot" of minutes from Sugar Mama (the max is 75 minutes per month--I got 22 minutes last month and this month total). This month, I can count the number of minutes earned on one hand.

Yeah, maybe it's time for me to get a real cell plan.
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