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Ok, I promise I am not a sucky customer. I have much empathy for people dealing with the general public. And I always go out of my way when I can to help out, such as organizing my own trash and plates when at a restaurant for the buser.
And I've worked with the general public and I know it's hell, but when someone was nice, no matter HOW pissed off I was or HOW bad a day I was having, I would be nice back and really help someone who is a decent customer.

I am so frustrated right now with "Walblues." (yeah, you know.)

I ordered 2 refills for my husband on Saturday (11/29), and asked for them to be ready by Tuesday AM (12/2), although I wasn't going to pick them up until Tuesday PM. I just wanted a little buffer of time. So Tuesday I went through the drive thru and asked for them, and the guy says that they didn't have one of the drugs, and its on its way down from Denver right now for us.

Fine. Wednesday we called... nope not ready yet.

TODAY (12/4 Thursday) I go inside and they tell me that the drugs are STILL not in, and besides one of them has no more refills. Well... my understanding on that is that I allowed them extra time to call the Dr. so they may authorize more refills. And it worked fine like that twice before.
However, today not only are the drugs still not in, but they still haven't called my husband's Dr. to ask for refills.
It has been 5 days now, and apparently counting.

This upsets quite a lot, and I have valid reasons for that. My husband has serious medical conditions that he must have medication for. He has enough of his medicine until this Saturday, but I do not like cutting it this close. This is why I ordered it a week before we needed it. Again, Time Buffering.

Anyways... then another thing that pisses me off is the attitude I got. I know I probably looked upset, but I didn't start cussing them out or screaming or anything. And truly, the reason for that is that I was almost near tears, so I didn't say too much. Just stuff like "well, that's what you said on Tuesday, that the drugs are on their way."
They just stared at me and their general attitude was like: "What is your problem lady? We'll get your drugs in when we damn well feel like it."

>=( Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Where is my good customer service? *sigh*

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