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Okay, my dad signed up for Verizon FiOS midway through last April as a birthday present for me(since I kept complaining about Netzero... well... sucking, and he wanted to go back to playing Half-life on a regular basis).

They came by about two weeks later, marked the ground, did nothing else.

A few weeks later, they... came out, did something, said they'd need to come out again in a while because one of the other technicians never showed and did what *they* had to do.

Now, about two weeks ago, this one group of people working for Verizon came out, did what they were supposed to, and then another guy came out the next day.

Luckily, he got it set up. UNluckily, one of my dogs missed her vet visit, the other people did not do their job well so that guy ended up having to redo much of it, and there was about two weeks before I wouldn't be going *over* to my dad's house on a regular basis for the rest of the summer.

Is it so hard to do what you're being paid to do and go through and set up someone's internet stuffers? Is it?!</childish>

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