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Telemarketer bad "service".

I guess technically telemarketers can't give bad service since you're not paying for it, but I needed to rant about this guy.

I do double duty as the receptionist at our business.

I got a call today after lunch from the highway patrol's "whatever we're getting money for" fund, asking for our business to contribute. They ask for the owner, and I tell them he's out of town. (Which he is.) The guy goes on with "maybe you can help me", and then rattles off the donation plans, etc. Now, I would hazard that in a large majority of businesses, the receptionist is not authorized to give them a $1000 donation, so I tell him I can give him the bosses voicemail.

He then starts in trying to get ME to donate. I understand it's his job, so I turn down his request to donate $500.

And then $100.
And then $75.
And then $50.
And then $25.
And then $10.

Meanwhile, the phones are ringing off the hook, because I hate being rude and hanging up on people. He finally gave up when I denied him the $10. Just aggravating. And he probably lost a donation, since otherwise the boss WOULD have donated, as he loves giving to charity.

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