xnaivetex (xnaivetex) wrote in bad_service,

Now this isn't horrid service, a little mean and uncalled for in parts, but I'm still going to call in about it. And write about it here, because I'm at work and bored.

Yesterday I took my 8 year old niece to the Calgary Moviedome (cheapo theatres!) to see Just My Luck.

Now a small annoying thing, is that the entire theatre is cash only. But there are no signs saying cash only. I was smart and went straight to the bank machine after seeing people who had been standing in line for 5 minutes just to be sent to the machine to get money and go stand in line again.

So we get our tickets, and go to the concession. I ordered 2 combos. One w/ popcorn for my niece, one with nachos for me. The lady gives me this "duh!" look, and asks me what size drinks. I told her, very nicely, whichever ones came with the combo. Birds chirp, babies grow old, and she keeps staring at me blankly. So I back up to look at the menu again and told her that x combo came with this drink, and the other combo with this one.

So we go into the theatres and find a spot. Halfway through the movie, my niece (I shall call her Sheena) decides she wants some of that dill pickle powder you can sprinkle on your popcorn. I get up to go with her, but she says she wants to do it on her own (independant stages, wee.) so I give her the stub to come back in and tell her to be quick and go straight there and back.

She comes back and she's quiet, not really looking like she's having fun, and once it's over she's still sad, so I ask what's up. Apparently when she went to go get powder for the popcorn, all the workers were standing in a group on the floor just talking. She went up to the sign that says "All Ticket Stubs must be Checked for Re-entry", but there's no one right there, just the group of workers standing nearby. She doesn't want to race in because she knows someone's supposed to check it, so she waits a few minutes to see if any of them are actually going to do their jobs and come and check her stub. She gives up and starts walking back in so I don't worry about her, and she hears one of the workers laughing at her saying "What an idiot, Duh, you don't have to just STAND there."

I was pretty peeved. Come on, she's only 8! Sheena is the sweetest girl in the world, and takes things to heart. She was sad for a few hours after it, until I told her I'd call the manager and get him to talk to them about it, and she cheered up a little. I can understand being snarky, but towards an 8 year old who didn't say anything or do anything wrong?
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