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posted again, to be noticed...thanks

Maybe I was a sucky customer,or maybe the staff sucked more.
For the past two days all I have done is shop. I've dealt with alot of crap, which always pisses me off. I am usually a very easy going, nice customer because I have worked in retail for many many years, but it seems like the nicer I am the worse service I get. I put up with horrible people while working , don't I deserve to get MY butt kissed once and awhile?!? haha.
Well anyway like I said I didn't expect any buttkissing, and even though some shitty things happened,there was really only once instance that stood out.

Ok so it wasn't a real little ceasers, but from my experience that's all the more reason why it shouldn't have been difficult to get a fucking med pizza for 2 people to share. I went to order a med pizza and 2 soft pretzels. OOoh such a HARD order to FILL.
The dude at the counter was completely braindead. This is how I know.

Me: Ok I want a medium pizza and 2 soft pretzels.

Him: they're fake.

Me: what is?

Him: ....

Me: Excuse me, I asked what you were refering to as fake?

Him: *points at the display of super soft pretzels on the front counter*

Me: So you have them on display but you don't have them?!


Me: Do you have them or not?


My boyfriend's mom: (she cuts in when she sees I'm getting pissed off): Ok well forget the soft pretzels, she DID order a medium pizza and I guess we'll get 2 bags of crazy bread.

Him: (who seems to have somehow found his tongue)Yeah well you have to pay for the crazy bread in here, and then go outside to a vendor whose selling medium pizzas for 4 dollars.

Boyfriend's Mom: ok well we'll go take a look at them to make sure they're ok.

(We had NO idea what this guy was refering to, but we do as we are told and go outside for cheaper pizza.)


Outside we see this old fat guy with a cart yelling "PIZZA" and honking a bicycle horn, and a dude trying to get us to take a free newspaper( as if that was all he wanted to sell us).

Bf's mom: OK we just want one pizza, can we see it first though?
Vendor: Sure.
(We look, they look ok and smell ok, so we buy one- We're usually not picky, but the fact that they were 4 dollars and outside? We wanted to make sure you know?)

Newspaper guy: Free Newspaper lady... Cmon I gotta get rid of em.

Bf's mom : (hands the vendor 4 dollars) No thank you.
Me: We're gonna have our hands full, thanks anyway.
Newspaper guy: CMON please??? where's your christmas spirit?!
Bf's mom: (laughing and turns around) I said no.. thanks.
Vendor: (stares at me with a mean look) OK NOW... HELP YOURSELF LADY.

Me: ook... thanks...( i think)

(we start walking away...)

Me: whatever...
Bf's mom: I'm not going to say no thank you 3 times.
Me: (laughs)

So we go back inside after getting our pizza and being harrased by the newspaper guy... and we go to pay for the crazy bread.

Me: OK we're back , we need to pay for our
crazy bread and we need a coke and a water.

Him:.... we don't have no more water..... it's outside....

I turn around and look at my bf's mom like I'm going to explode.. she's getting pissed off too, but she pays for the crazy bread and the coke, and she goes outside to get me a water while I find us a table. Now I was pissed.. " we don't have no more water" I know how this shit works. all i wanted was an empty cup for the water fountain or something, and all I got was a blank stare.

I was bitching to her while I was eating about how they must not have a sink, and how places don't "run out" of water, and I was cursing my head off. I mean shit.. it wasn't the guys first day... he obviously knew the soft pretzles were "fake".

I mean do you hear me on this one? WTF?!?!?!?!

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