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You know, im not sure if we were sucky customers, or this lady was just a bitch.

Soooo. I meet up with a friend at the local diner. The thing about this diner is that this is where all the teens and 20 somethings go really late at night. Its open 24 hours, so its not like we were there at closing time. The lady comes over and asks if we wanted food, or what. She seemed a little testy at first because she probably thought that we were going to sit for hours and not buy food...well...technically...moving on. Its three of us at this point and we ordered soda and cheese fries and such. We sorta picked at the food and talked. About two hours later ((yea, i know)), after we've gotten the bill and such, a friend arrives. He starts to finish off my fries and we're talking and the women comes back, who's been really sweet up until now, who didnt even charge us for the drinks, and freaks out that we needed to leave because people are coming in and need this table. We stopped, looked around a bit...there was about 5 other tables in the entire resturant that had people in it, and it was about 12:30 at night, so not to many other people should really be coming in. We were really thrown, but got up, paid and then went and sat in the back of a friends truck and hung out there.

See, this is where people go, late at night, and usually spend a few hours just talking and nibbling at whatever they ordered. I dont understand why she spoke to us and not to any other table? Maybe it was because my friend was eating my order of fries that i had left?? We still left a 50% tip and such, but it was just very surprising.

Side note, my parents were not to happy because i live around 10 saying "hey i'm going out for coffee" they dont ask when i'm going to be back or anything...i didnt come home until 3...and i was honestly at the diner the entire time. My dad just walks out and looks at me and says "three in the morning?!" shakes his head and goes back to bed. That was one of the best nights of my life, lol.
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