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The Boston MBTA

I've been taking the bus to my university for 3 years now. The bus has always made a stop at one end of my university and then the other end. This is regardless of the bus driver-- every single driver has always made a stop there. Two weeks ago, I was on the bus and the lady didn't make the stop. I asked (REALLY POLITELY) why and she said "THERE IS NO STOP THERE. I'VE BEEN DRIVING THIS ROUTE FOR 20 YEARS--THAT'S LONGER THAN YOU'VE BEEN ALIVE. I THINK I KNOW BETTER". Ok, I was pretty upset by her response but I can live. BTW, there is a stop across the street. I think something may have happened to the sign, but that's neither here nor there.

This morning, I was waiting for the bus again and I saw her coming and she motioned that she wasn't going to stop by shaking her head. She did pull over though and I got on. She said "THAT'S NOT A STOP. LEARN TO READ THE SIGNS". Ok, I was frazzled. Again, I've always waited there and never had a problem. Her beef was that I waited between the two bus stop signs instead of at one. There aren't two bus stops there, just one with two signs that are literally apart by the length of the bus to mark the bus stop. Does anyone know what I mean? I was standing a few feet from one. EVERYONE ALWAYS WAITS THERE and from what I've seen, this is normal at every stop that has two signs. People wait between them and it's not a problem for any driver except this bitch.

I got off the bus and called the mbta. The lady I spoke to was really nice and she said that they don't have a policy about waiting at one sign if there are two signs at a bus stop. She said she has no clue why the driver made a huge deal about it since the STOP is anywhere between the signs. You can wait between them-- that's why they are there. I explained the lady was rude to me because of the prior week etc etc. Anyway, the customer service lady was extremely nice and said she would report her. I feel kind of bad, but at the same time, mbta drivers shouldn't be allowed to get away with things like this. It's just not right. I pay for my monthly pass; I don't deserve to be treated like that.
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