Rose (aspencreek) wrote in bad_service,

Dude, what the heck?
I'll make this brief, it is not terribly bad service or anything, but still.

My other post is here.

My husband went to Safeway yesterday to have a prescription filled. They put HIS name on it, even though clearly on the prescription it's written out for ME.
They are so getting a letter from me about this, and all the other stuff that has accumulated (just for point measures) and then I'm off to search for another pharmacy.

And no, like I said, it's not BAD, though it maybe could be? I mean, what happens if my insurance finds out about this? And my endocrinologist would be like "I don't have a patient by that name." AND my husband has to keep good documented track of the meds he's on, because he's on SSDI. I don't think this would ultimately hurt him in any way, but still.
Also, what about the laws regarding prescriptions. LOL, I might be breaking the law! I am taking medicine that wasn't "prescribed to me." Ha ha.

Oh wait! I forgot about this piece of service we got. Not earth shattering, but it's just another strike against what used to be a pretty good grocery store, the aforementioned Safeway.

On the same visit, while waiting for the pills to be refilled, my husband also got 2 deli sandwiches since we finally worked our way up to our free one. And the deli worker sighed and told my hubby "Don't you want to get a sandwich from over there? (pre-made.) They're cheaper."
Yes, they are cheaper, but we wanted our free one. And excuse us for asking a deli working to make a deli sandwich, which I thought maybe you were hired to do.

(Oy, I don't mean to sound so snobby about that, but truly... isn't a deli worker supposed to work in the deli, which can include making sandwiches? That's my point.)

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