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Heh. This is related to this post http://community.livejournal.com/customers_suck/17591983.html in Customers_suck.

Dear Stupid Electrician,

Thank you oh so much for telling us to send out notices to several of our residents notifying them of the fact that their power would be out on 7/20/06 between 7:00AM and 11:00AM. Thank you even more for showing up at 7:00, before our office opens, and discovering that the power company had put their gold bands back on the equipment that you needed to repair, slightly hindering your progress in said repairs. This I understand. What I DO NOT understand is WHY you failed to even leave a note for us saying that you had to contact them to come out and remove said bands before you could continue with the repairs. Your office did not call us either. So, first thing this morning when I come into the office, I have residents bitching at me that their power is out. Huh?? A resident told me it went out yesterday morning for a bit and then came back on. So, why is it out today? When I asked you about it you muttered something about not having the correct part. Uh..dumbass, the manager repeatedly asked you if you were CERTAIN you had all the parts you would need because we ran into this problem a while back when we tried to fix it and the guy said one of the parts wasn't even made anymore. But you assured us that you had everything you would need. Suddenly you don't and now you are leaving our residents without power while you run around and try to find the part, on top of the fact that we had no idea they were going to be without power this morning due to your stupidity. What part of "we are required to give our residents 24 hours notice that their power will be out" do you not comprehend? And then when I called your office to find out WHY we weren't notified, they told us that they thought you had done it. I told them that you had rather snarkily told me that you told your office so you did your job. Your office said that you never told them that you did not notify us, so they assumed that you had. Obviously not. Now, they should have probably notified us just to be on the safe side, since you seem to be about as intelligent as a pair of pliars, but since you were here, would it have been so hard to drop off a note for us informing us that you couldn't do the scheduled repairs and would have to wait until this morning? I think I shall refer all of the furious tenants to you, so you can explain your stupidity to them. ::headdesk::

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