Full of bright lights (karameister) wrote in bad_service,
Full of bright lights

Taco Bell employee scamming people?

The short story: I think a Taco Bell drive-thru employee tried to scam me. I received 2 charges on my check card: one for $6.40, and one for $20.00. A friend suggested I write to corporate instead of speaking with the store manager, because it could have been the manager who ran my card.

To whom it may concern:

I visited your Taco Bell location at 215 E Lake Street in Minneapolis
at about 11:40 on 7/18/2006. I ordered one value meal and a spicy
chicken crunchwrap supreme. My total came to $6.40.

I paid with my check card and received my food and credit card
receipt. When I checked my bank account later that evening, I saw
two Taco Bell charges - one for the correct amount of $6.40, and
another charge for $20.00.

I found this odd, but thought it may be an authorization. I decided
to wait for the charge to clear before I made any decisions. Both
charges cleared on 7/20/2006.

This seems very unusual to me, and I'd like to have a manager contact
me. I could understand if it was a mistake and duplicate charges
went through, but to run a second charge, an employee would have to
physically run my card and punch in the numbers again. I am very
upset right now, and I am wondering how this could have happened.
I use my card all the time, and would be hesitant to patronize this
location if I had to use my card. Unfortunately, I didn't catch the
name of the employee, because I was only given a crdit card receipt.

Thank you,


I disputed the charged with my bank, but it can take up to 90 days to be resolved.
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