emptyobsidian (emptyobsidian) wrote in bad_service,

Is this...normal?

Its been a hellish summer-very hot and humid here. We decided to get our cat groomed instead of doing it ourselves just to see if we would prefer that.
He is a very petite cat with mediumish length hair. He has never had mats, but it does get a little tangled/dirty just in the course of the day especially when its hellishly hot.
He came back looking worse than when we brought him in. He has clumps of hair completely missing (we dont know why) and clumps of hair hanging off. Plus, especially around his rear he is very tangled. We honestly cannot figure out what they did-it doesnt look like they even bathed him, just...randomly cut a few clumps of hair out. Like I said, if those were mats I could understand but...
We paid them 60 dollars for this.

We 90% of the time groom our own animals and when we did go to a pro, it was for the dogs. Does this sound normal? Do professional groomers normally leave the animals with bald spots and clumps of hair half hanging off? I can half understand the bald spots if they thought they were mats or would develop into them...but the clumps hanging off of his body?! With our dogs, this never would have happened. And it was cheaper for animals that are 3 or 4 times larger than Junie.
And they didnt even get the tangles out...he even looks worse than before. I would think at least addressing the issue we brought him in for would be mandatory.
Oh and this was a well recommended place so its not like we dropped him off at some shack with someone claiming to be a cat groomer.
On a side note, GOD the cat looks funny. I know its mean, but if you could only see him...
We are regrooming him now o-O

EDIT!-Blah I forgot this community is Mr. Pick on everything as much as humanly possible. They told us that he wouldnt be ready until later than the original time and explained why-that was fine, but I had to go alone, later. Junie was very scared and he was already securely in his carrier so I didnt want to drag him out in the middle of the office and then try to get him back in. Plus, he is black so I didnt even notice anything when I talked to him through the cage in front. I just saw his eyes and nose. It wasnt until we got him safely home that we took him out and saw the mess.
Just to bypass anyone who might say this is all our fault-yes, we fall on our knees and beg forgiveness to the bad service gods that we did not check the cat thoroughly before we took him home.

The more I look at him, the more I still say bad service and we will be having a chat with them.
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