Cole (painted_clouds) wrote in bad_service,


I ordered Greyhound ticket on Tuesday for 49.00. When I checked my credit card that night, there was a pending transaction for 56.35. I was puzzled, but thought I’d wait until it came through.

Today I noticed the 49.00 has posted….but Greyhound hasn’t taken the 56.35 pending charge off. I was mad when I checked this morning, because it showed I had a negative balance. I called my credit card company, and he explained that Greyhound had a hold on the 56.35, and he wasn’t sure why they had not taken it off. He suggested I call Greyhound.

I’m at work, and figured I’d call from here, no problem.

Yeah…except they have no 1-800 number. She said the "customer service" line is the one line they have that doens't have an 800 number. Okay, so I’m calling long distance. That’s fine……except it’s 9:25 and I have been on hold for a grand total of 49minutes thus far. THAT is ridiculous. No one knows their approximate wait time.

Well, I didn’t expect to have to be on hold for an hour, and I’ll be leaving to go to a meeting in a few minutes. I’m NOT impressed with them thus far……but I can’t figure out how to get a hold of them to get this charge taken off!!!
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