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Fun with Progressive:

Only not so much fun. X-posted from my personal journal.

Okay, so I decide to be productive (well, productive for me - my boss probably wouldn't think so) this morning and call Progressive to rearrange insurances. Armed with my policy information and Lee's policy information, I call and explain to the woman what I need to do, which is:

*Add Lee and her car to my policy.
*Delete Lee's policy.
*Delete Joe and his vehicle from my policy.
*Start Joe a new policy.
*Change the auto-deduct from Joe's account to my account.
*Start a new auto-deduct for Joe's new policy from his account.

Now, I'm smart enough to realize that this is going to be a multi-step process and probably not all accomplished in the same phone call.

But the current state of things makes me want to beat my head into the wall. No, change makes me want to beat this Progressive agent's head into the wall.

The first agent I talked to was very nice and very helpful. She said that I basically need to do the things I listed above in the order that I listed above, but that step 1 (add Lee) would be the only one I could do in this phone call. Lee will have to delete her own policy once it's added, and Joe will have to call in to delete his car and start a new policy. The deduct bits will need to be done through my actual agent.

However, she couldn't make policy changes (not a licensed agent), so she transferred me to someone who could.

Or rather someone who *should*, because who I actually got was retardo stupid agent from hell.

Here's the frustrating part:

My renewal payment for the new policy period (which starts August 6th, and which is my goal for having this done by) is slotted to be $133 a month. This is for a 2 car policy, both cars of which are still being financed through banks. Lee's current policy is about $100 a month, for a fully paid off vehicle.

So what quote would you expect me to get for 3 cars, 3 drivers, no insurance points (but some tickets on record and one small comprehensive claim between the 3), with 1 car fully paid off?

My guess was that it would be somewhere between $200 and $250.

The actual quote?



After going through rounds and rounds with the agent who couldn't be any more informative than "well, your rates are different" I finally gave up. Didn't add her to the policy, and I'll talk with my actual agent at some point when I have my cell phone (they're in Southern Pines, which is long distance from work, ergo I can't call). Obviously, retardo phone agent is not putting some information in correctly, because there is absolutely no way that $133 plus $100 = $450.

If I need to, I'll just split Joe's off into a new policy and leave Lee and mine separate. But that will piss me off, because the whole point was to reduce Lee and I's individual payments by having a multicar policy. Theoretically our monthly payment once we split Joe's off should be about the same as it is now for Joe and I - right around $133 a month. Maybe even a little less, because her vehicle is fully paid for.

Maybe I should go the other route and try to add me to Lee's, then delete me off of Joe's. The only thing there is that I'll lose my homeowner's insurance discount. But it might be worth it. I dunno, I gotta talk to my actual agent.

Annoyed. Very, very annoyed.
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