No more bullies can touch me (tigermorph) wrote in bad_service,
No more bullies can touch me

Best Buy Update

I am sure you will all be shocked to learned that Best Buy customer service lied to me about fixing my camera.


Aaron, at BB customer service, you will rot in hell, along with all your Best Buy "We hate customers" cronies.

I can't decide whether to pursue getting the tape or let them die in their own festering dungheap of bad kharma.


It occurs to me what I want is really a change in corporate policy and for ANYONE at Best Buy to take responsibility for any part of this.

In the end, I have my slightly broken camera that was clearly never cleaned, and I have the $40.00 for the warranty. It cost me a lot of time, aggravation, and general bullshit, but I am wiser for it.

I am in the market for a much higher end camera, and guess who won't be getting my business?

I'll be taking my money to a smaller company that might actually need me to come back, and might have an interest in giving me good service to that end.

No wonder the citizens of Boulder, Colorado almost unanimously agreed that they didn't want big box stores at the new mall. The more communities say no to this crappy excuse for business, the less likely they will stay around as they are.
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