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Charge Off's???

This is deffinatly bad service if I have ever saw a case of it.

My husband is currently trying to get a 4 wheeler through the Yamaha company. The lady who has been assisting us has been really great in trying. She called today with questions and this brings around the bad service, not from her but from the company in question.

The bad service is this.

My husband moved from Louisiana back in 2003. He owed a loan company money on a loan. He continued to send payments each month and even called them to make sure they recieved it.

Finally in '04 we paid the loan off. Got the letter stating thank you and even a call.

Come to find out, that wasn't the case.

The last payment instead of sending off the 35.00 payment my husband went ahead and paid it off in full. The closing amount was 138.00. I remember this because conviently this company lost that first money order of 138 so we resent another one out. Same amount.

So the lady calls today wanting to know if I have knowledge of two outstanding amounts on my husband's credit report. I had none. So I requested if she could tell me. She told me there was two charge offs both in the amount of 156.00. One was dated for June of '05. The other was for July'05. She gave me the name of the companies which the first one I knew. It was the one we paid off.

I called my in laws because they still deal with that company, only to find out that the original was shut down. They gave me the new name which was the second charge off. And the second charge off was done the month the new company took over.

Is there not laws against companies doing this? Am I mistaken but isn't this fraud? Can someone tell me how to go about getting this taken care of?

We indeed paid it off in '04 but they waited an entire year to do these charge offs. Does that not seem strange to anyone else but me?


Called and got in touch with other company again. Gave story of when the new company took over the old company a bunch of stuff as messed up in the computers. Said we are second people to call about it, will work on fixing it. Oh well, guess we will wait until they call us back about the computer mess.

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