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I don't know if this is considered bad service or not, but I'm going to post this anyway.

This morning, the phone rang.  It was for me.  My little brother was the one who answered the call.  When I picked up a phone, the person on the other end first asked who I was, after I told them my name, they said, "This is -- from Planned Parenthood.  We have your test results in."

First of all, there is no Planned Parenthood within an hour of where I'm living right now.  If I had wanted to go get tested for something, I could go to the hospital a few blocks away or I could easily go to a clinic around here.  Besides that, I haven't gotten tested for anything.  I haven't had any reason to.

I said, "You must have a wrong number."

Their response?  *click*

I have no idea if it was legit or not, but it was weird.  :-/
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