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So I was sitting with my 16-week-old kitten in my lap, and my 12-week-old kitten chasing a toy mouse around the kitchen like a crazy beast, and I look down. And see a flea.

No real biggie, I call the vet, and they're able to take them for flea baths, not to mention the rest of their vaccines. I drop them off, say to call this number if the cost goes over X dollars, and that it is permissible to give them any vaccines needed, except for FIP. This is in writing, mind!

My fiance calls me from work, saying that the vet office had called him, giving him the price for the care of the two cats, and that they had to be sedated for their baths. He called me, in confusion, that rapidly turned to anger when he heard my reaction.

You don't sedate my cats without my express authorization. Never. The day that I authorize sedating a 12-week-old kitten to simply dump her in a sink and give her a I'll never do that. She is small enough so that you can manhandle (cat-handle?) her well enough, and safely enough, to need to avoid the use of drugs. Same with the other one. I've worked with cats for almost 10 years now, ranging from tiny kittens, to 19-year-old geriatrics, to the 2-year-old feral, unneutered, tom cat that would rather take my arm off at the elbow than be given a bath...and I've bathed them all. Without the use of sedatives. (Although the angry ones get...interesting.) I'm also annoyed that hey, why didn't I think of giving them their baths myself? Wait...screwed up hot water, that's why.

Needless to say, when I called to attempt to get the story, I was given a bit of a run-around. Tonight, though, when I go and pick them up, I will most certainly give them an ear-ful, and if the vet is still there, then he will be getting an earful as well...and a request for my cats records so that I can look for a new vet. An apology won't be enough, nor will a refund for the sedation and everything involved in it. His workers ably demonstrated today that they cannot be trusted in that context, and, well, that means that he will be out of a client. (And this is a small enough office so that when I dropped the kittens off this morning, the desk worker recognized me. The only other time that I had been there was over a month ago.
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