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That's 1/2 inch

I went to a large chain home repairs store to get two 1/2 inch iron plugs. It should be something easy to get and I have an old one with to compare the sizing, shape, etc. with. After looking around on my own for about 20 minutes, I find a clerk, let's call him Bob, and ask him for help. I show him the plug and he says "no problem." Bob then proceeds to lead me through the entire store without finding the plug.

After asking me if I'm sure that is the plug I want and being reassured that it definitely is the right plug, Bob says that he'll check in the back. So I wait for another 10 minutes and no sign of Bob. So I flag down another clerk, let's call her Sue, and ask the same question. She takes me to plumbing, walks me all around that section and calls over yet another clerk, call him Stan. They then proceed to examine the plug in detail and Stan says that they don't carry anything like that but he could have Sue take a look in back just in case. This is getting to the 40 minute mark by this point and I'm rather upset that I've just wasted so much time, so I thank them for their help, tell them that if they don't carry the plug then there is no point in having them waste their time looking the back and I leave. As I'm going through the lighting area I find a basket of what looks like discount plugs - just like what I need - tucked up on a lower shelf. So I stop and go through the basket and sure enough I find the plugs I need.

There is no bar code on them, but undeterred I take them up to the check-out. The clerk, Anne, can't find them in the book of prices so she has to call up someone from parts to get a price. She then points to a spot beside the end of the check out and says "Stand there." She doesn't say anything else to me for the full 15 minutes it takes for the parts person, James, to show up. He takes the plugs away, after being surprised by how they look. 20 minutes later he comes back with two plugs in a bag. Unfortunately they are not 1/2 inch plugs but 3/4 inch ones! I politely pointed out the size difference. Anne tells me not to be so fussy (as though I was a 3 year old wanting orange juice and only getting apple) and James tells me that it doesn't matter what size the plugs are. By this point I'm more than a little annoyed, so I told them that yes it does matter what size the plugs are. James again tell me that it doesn't and he knows because he uses these plugs a lot. Anne just glares at me. I said "I don't have anymore time to waste here, and it does matter what size they are, otherwise they wouldn't come in various sizes." I left after that. So maybe that last bit was a little customers suck, but I lost my temper.
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