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Do all post offices (in the U.S., anyway) have those Quick Service Windows now? The ones here have a door with a window cut out where you can pick up packages before the PO opens. Supposedly from 6:30 to 8 a.m. Monday through Friday, you just knock on the door or ring a bell (if one's available), and someone will open that window and get you your package.

Yesterday I had to pick up a package for my mother. I got to the PO at 7:30 and knocked on the door as loudly as I could. I knocked 5 different times over the next 15 minutes. Finally I gave up and waited for the PO to open. I was the first one in line, and I got the package, and then I couldn't help myself because I was sleepy, late for work, and wanted to be a bitch. I asked the clerk, "Do many people use the Quick Service window?" She said no, not really. I told her, "Maybe more people would if someone would actually answer it," and I left.

Lucky me. This morning I got to repeat the performance for myself, only this time at the other local PO. This one actually had a bell to ring. I rang it 3 times. It's loud and obnoxious. I can understand being able to ignore knocking a lot easier than being able to ignore that bell, but those workers managed it. On the 3rd try (10 minutes after I arrived, still over half an hour before the window was "closed") I was so frustrated that I held the bell down for over 10 seconds. Finally I managed to annoy someone enough to open the window. She got my package, THREW it at me, and slammed the window shut. My package hit me in the chest and fell to the ground. I just stood there for a minute, not really believing that she threw the fucking box at me, then picked up my box and left.

I can see how I could be classified as a sucky customer. But seriously -- what the hell is the purpose of having those damn windows if people who try to use them are going to be at best ignored, and at worst, assaulted?!

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