Crystal (thegully) wrote in bad_service,

No seats for the price of one

I don't usually travel during rush hour in my city because I work afternoons and evenings. Today, I had to work an early shift so rush hour it was. The train already had no seats when I got on. In my car however, there was a conductor, obviously off duty taking up two seats. She was reading and had her bag and leg spread out across the second chair. Looking up, she saw that there were no seats left for anyone to sit and went back to reading. She looked right at the people getting on the train and didn't care that she was holding the last empty seat. I wanted to ask about sitting down, but for some reason I didn't. I think its because as a conductor, she already knows that taking up two seats is illegal AND rude yet she didn't care. After a while, she put the paper away and went to sleep. She would look up as we stopped and picked up more people, with the train getting exceedingly packed, but never made an attempt to allow anyone to sit. From the looks people had I could tell they were also nervous to ask simply because she works for the MTA. I took a picture with my cell with her sleeping across two chairs and then the crowded train. Its really dark though. Anyway, I am considering filing a complaint. I have her I'd number off her hat too.

Sleeping Conductor

Crowded train


In the pics, you can even see someone standing next to her while she sleeps. And the chair she was using was Priority Seating.

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