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Sirius Satellite Radio

If you're thinking about getting it, check out XM instead. It may not be any better but I've had Sirius since March 18, 2003 and no matter how many times I have called or emailed them, I have NEVER been able to log in online. It always comes back saying my password is wrong. Think so? When they send me my password via email (automated, not a real person), it's the same one I have on my original activation paperwork that I have right here, and it has just never ever worked.
As for service, you know what really chaps my hide about radio stations? That whole talking over the intro of the song. Not only do they do that CONSTANTLY, but the singing starts and they're still flappin' their lips. Tawn Mastery (one of their DJs) is all pissy about it:
"I don't know what stations you've been listening to in the past 15 years but
"ramping" a song is MANDATORY..."
Look, how cute! She's trying to be all official to impress me. Ramping. Ooooh, is that some fancy DJ term for talking about what you did last night or how, once, a long time ago, you met so-and-so from some band? Oooooh, I'm so damn impressed that I could just wet myself! And talking over the top is a song is MANDITORY now, is it? Only at Sirius.
"Now - to be honest, I wouldn't do it if I didn't have to. The other thing I
hate to tell you is I'm not even at the radio station. I record my tracks from
one part of the country and send them to New York, where an engineer puts them
over the music. So, you see, it has nothing to do with the jocks at all."
Isn't that EXACTLY what I wrote in my email to you?
> anyone in your line of work understands the nuances of DJ etiquette.
> Is it a stupid manager forcing you to go on and on and on? Give me his
> name. I'll write him a letter and make a formal complaint to his boss.
So? Did she give me a name? Anyone to contact? Nope. Useless. Totally useless. I'd email a complaint to the station but I've never ever received a response in 3 years about my account so I don't think they even look at the emails or bother with actual customer service via phone. Called many times. They just keep saying they'll fix it and they never do.
So try XM before you commit to buying an expensive car stereo that only takes Sirius. And frankly, the first Kenwood I had died after 1 year. Maybe Kenwood isn't that fabulous either.
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