Lost in apathy (metis2be) wrote in bad_service,
Lost in apathy

This just completely frustrated me. All the people I dealt with were nice, but seriously CVS, get your act together.

I just got a squeaky new birth control, and my doctor had given me two free months, so I was on it awhile before I ever needed to refill it. 4 days before I ran out, I had to go to the hospital for chest pains, and I could barely stand, let alone go shopping, so my mother who was kind enough to look after me went to CVS and dropped off the prescription for birth control and the prescription for vicodin that the hospital had just given me.

She came back with the vicodin just fine (Yay for no more chest pains!) but they were out of the birth control. Apparently my doctor didn't fill out something, so they kept the prescription, called the doctors office, and got everything straightened out. Unfortunately, they were out. That was pharmacy #1.

When I felt better I went home, and called pharmacy #2 the next day to transfer the prescription over. Everything was fine, and I went to take a shower, and when I got out there was a call saying they were out of my pills.

I called pharmacy #3 and transferred it over there. Only one problem, the prescription was no longer in the computer. I called #2 again, and yep, they couldn't find it either. So they had taken my paper prescription to enter it in the computer, and then lost it.

Just for kicks and giggles, I went to #3 and had them check to see if they even had it in stock. Of course not! She asked me if I wanted to order it. This was Saturday, and the order would go through Monday, and take 3-5 days to arrive. Problem is, they can’t order it without the prescription, which they lost, so it would be another couple of days until I could get a new one from my doctor.

I went to my doctors office today and they were nice enough to give me another free sample pack along with a new prescription, so that straightens everything out for this month. I’m going to drop off the new prescription in about two weeks so that I have more than enough time for everything to work itself out.

The thing is, I’m on the new pill that they keep advertising on TV, Loestrin 24, the new “shorter period birth control”. I could understand if it were some obscure medication from the 30’s that nobody uses anymore, but this is a highly advertised birth control, they shouldn’t run out at three different stores.

I also understand that I should drop off prescriptions that I need more than 4 days in advance, but even when they’ve been out before, they always had some more come in the next day, or at most, the day after.

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