nmgirl98 (nmgirl98) wrote in bad_service,

But not anymore.

Last Monday, we started having connection problems via Comcast's high speed internet.  Between 830pm and 9pm the net died.  It was off until the next morning.  

Tuesday, I call their 24/7 customer service line - which lands in Canada - and I get a very helpful tech who 'can't do anything except schedule an appointment'.  Fine.  We schedule for Friday.  Meanwhile, connection is spotty as I try to do research for my new possible job.

Friday rolls around - the Comcast guy comes out, says everything is fine here and it must be elsewhere.  However, he's only an installer - their first line of defense, so to speak - and can't do anything but report it to a technician.  Great.  It's Friday and we probably won't hear anything until Monday.  On top of everything else, this employee informs me that it shouldn't matter that much that we're down for a little bit because people just use the net to read news, play games and chat.  I inform him that, no, I actually am attempting to to find a job, do research on that job and keep up with a handful of other important projects.

Saturday - after a complete day of no access, we spy a Comcast truck at our neighbor's.  Guess what?  They're having the same problems we are.  The Comcast dude is, yet again, an installer who can't do anything but check connections and report the problem.  Hubby goes over to talk to him.  He's told, "Well, if there were 3 or more having the same problem, it would send up a red flag to the tech and he'd come out. "
Meaning - because it's only 2 of us, we have to wait until regular business hours to make an appointment.

Sunday - no net at all.

Monday - hubby - my wonderful computer geek - says he'll call them from the office.  He does but can't get anyone local.  It all ends up in Canada.  They've been great, joining in on our bitching about the lack of ability to get someone local.  Hubby wants me to go down to the office...but I'm not going to waste the gas for a service that should be attainable over the phone.

My letter to the company president is ready to go...as is a few more letters up the food chain.  If it weren't for the fact that they are the only game in town, I'd have an appointment to switch to someone else.


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