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I was told to post this here...

I just got off the phone with PSE&G(a gas company). Quick backstory for you: I work in a small office building. We just started renting the floor above us as well. Our landlord (who owns the eyecare place next door to us) used to get the bills and seperate them, but now that we are using both the properties, the bills were combined and are now going to be sent directly to us. I recieved the bill today. I am changing the names and addresses, but the format and conversation is as follows...

Our address:
Global Business Company
123 Main Street
Sometown, NJ 07666

What we recieved:
150 Main Street Associates
NJ Eyeball Company
123 Main Street
Sometown, NJ 07666

So what I had to do was call up PSE&G and change the billing address to say the first address I listed. Easy right? I wish. Here's the conversation...

Me: *waits on hold for 20 minutes*
I shouldn't be working in customer service(CS): Thank you for calling PS&G, I'm Bob, how can I help you?
Me: *explains situation*
CS: Okay. So, can I have the address of the place?
Me: Where it is being billed or where it USED to be?
CS: Huh?
Me/CS: Go back and forth for about a minute while I try to determine which address he is looking for first. Finally I just tell him I'm going to give him the old billing address first. I do so.
CS: Okay, what do you want to do?
Me: *explains again* I want to change the company name on the billing statement please.
CS: Okay, what's the address?
Me: (Didn't I just go over this?) *tells him*
CS: What do you want to do?
Me: *contemplates suicide with the phone cord* I want to change the company name on the billing statement. Here is the information on the bill. Here is the information it SHOULD say.
CS: Oh okay. You need to open a new account to do that.
Me: What? Why?
CS: Because it is going somewhere else now.
Me: No. See, this always went to us, just through our landlord. It was always our account.
CS: Oh. Well okay. Where does it need to go?
Me: *dies a little and repeats the address* (I should mention that EVERY TIME I answered this question, he would type it in.)
CS: Okay. So that is now going to *gives the SAME ADDRESS I started with, eye doctor and everything.
Me: No! This is going to Global Business Company. Anything that says NJ Eyeball Company should now say Global Business Company. Anything that says 150 should say 123.
CS: Oh. Okay. Hang on a moment please. *puts me on hold*
Me: *deep breaths, patting myself on the back for not reaching through the phone and strangling this idiot*
CS: Okay, sorry about that. You're all set.
Me: Great! Thanks! Just to verify, what is the full billing address now?
150 Main Street LLT
NJ Eyeball Company
123 Main Street
Sometown, NJ 07666
Me: *blinkblink* No, that was the original address with LLT added in. Where did LLT come from? I want it to say 123 Main St. Global Business company.
CS: We can't do that.
Me: *decides murder is acceptable in cases such as these* You told me you could. In fact, you just tried to, though didn't get it exactly right.
CS: Oh. Well okay, what do you want it to say then?
Me: Global Business Company, 123 Main St.
CS: K, you're all set then.
Me: Would you mind reading it to me please?
CS: Business Global Company.
Me: No, it is Global Business Company.
CS: Oh. Business Company Global. Got it.
Me: *stabity* Global Business Company.
CS/Me: *go back and forth for a little about the person to contact in case of billing issues*
Me: Great, so we're all set? Mind reading it to me just one more time please?
150 Main Street Associates
NJ Eyeball Company
Global Business Company
123 Main Street
Sometown, NJ 07666
Me: (You're kidding right?) *sigh* You know what? That's fine. Thank you for your help.
CS: *totally oblivious to his lack of IQ* Have a nice day!

I'm willing to bet $50 that the next bill ends up somewhere in Canada. 

To all those people who think I should have asked for a supervisor...meh. I've dealt with PSE&G many times before. Yes this guy was a king amongst idiots, but I have yet to speak to a competent person there.
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