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A couple of months ago, I decided I wanted new RAM for my laptop. At the time it had 256megs, which is way not enough for me. So I go to Dell's website (yay Dell :| ) and tell them what laptop I have - a hilariously old Inspiron 1100 - and it tells me that I can have a maximum of 1,024 megs of RAM. Awesome. So I order two 512MB sticks, since that's what I need, and they arrive very quickly and I am a happy lain.

I install the RAM, but discover that one of the sticks seems to be bad because it's only showing 512MB total. I flip them around and yes, indeed, that's the problem. So I inform them on their site thing and they send me a replacement along with a box to send back the old one. So I pack up the old one and I start to put in the new one.

Then I notice that it's a 128MB stick. Because the tech support guy I chatted with apparently assumed that all of my talk of the order I just made was just gossip and I really wanted to replace the RAM the computer came with.

So I talk to them again. They send me a new stick.

It doesn't work.

Moreover, after I install it, remove it, and have my computer on for a while ... my computer shuts down. Which is odd.

For the next few hours my computer just apparently randomly shuts down every so often. It took me a while to realize this had to have been due to the faulty RAM they sent me, but in the meantime I'm talking to a Tech Support agent about THAT issue. I give her the order number that that replacement stick was sent under, and she replies, basically, "Why are you talking to me about desktop hardware if you have a laptop?"

Apparently they gave me a stick for a DESKTOP COMPUTER to put into my LAPTOP?

So now I am filled with wrath, and I am further informed by a friend who Knows These Things that my computer can't even have a gig of RAM in it anyway. 512 is apparently the limit, although I have the working 512 stick and one of my old 128 sticks in here and it's saying I have 640MB, so I figured that still is a big improvement over 256MB. I tell them I'll be returning the last 512MB stick for a refund, they send a UPS guy by with a packing label and I give it to him, he gives me a receipt and he's on his way.

This was in May and they didn't get around to creditting me for the return until last week, despite assurances whenever I called (in May) that they were very sorry and it's being done right now. The whole thing only occurred over a period of a week and a half and they kept trying to tell me I was outside of the return policy (21 days I think it is) because my computer was purchased in 2003. >_>

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