Magadocious Rex (wonderwench) wrote in bad_service,
Magadocious Rex

I'm really irritated

Our post office is a little slow on the uptake.

We've had things going OUT that have gone missing, and now lo and behold, I did some bills and realized... WE HAVEN't PAID OUR GAS BILL SINCE MAY. And do you know why? WE haven't GOTTEN any since APRIL!

Our credit card bills have disappeared as well, and i'm afraid to make a complaint, because i'm afraid MORE stuff will go missing.

Not only that, but cards that i've sent to friends + family with checks in it have ALSO gone missing.
I seriously do NOT know what the deal is here folks.
How can you LOOSE a GAS BILL!!! OR a credit card bill!!!

Now MY credit is going to suffer because I do NOT do online billing (dad got id stolen, and got shipped 3 boxes of porn from somewhere in africa was the tip-off).


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