dudududu (fachidiot) wrote in bad_service,

Stop and Shop rant.

I have never been to a stop and shop where the service was even anywhere NEAR decent.

Some of the more remarkable incidents --

1) It was late at night, and my mom sent me out to get her something she'd forgotten earlier. I was in PJs, and looking pretty sloppy, but I digress. While ringing me up, the checker asked me "Awww, when's it due?" Now understand, I am not a big woman or anything. I was maybe near 5'4 and 125 at the time, not to mention I'm only 16 years old. I was rather taken aback; it took me a while to even register that she was suggesting I was pregnant.

Now, I understand this could have been a horrible, embarrassing mistake on her part (doubtful, given my size/age, but anyway), but it was clearly just blatant rudeness -- her bagger friend then laughs and says "Nah, girlfraaaaand. We promise it not THAT bad, we just gotta tell ya -- you not lookin' so hot in dat."

Okay, "girlfraaannd," it's 11 at night, and I am clearly in my PJs. This is New Jersey, have you never seen anyone looking kind of trashy? This is not even to mention that fashion critique is completely uncalled for in the, um, convenience grocery enviroment. You are here to put my asparagus in a bag, don't talk to me like that.

2) The retarded people. I have seen many a competent mentally disabled checker/bagger/whatever, but Stop and Shop has absolutely NO standards in their hiring process, clearly. One of these "special" individuals in particular will come up to me on a normal basis and strike up a conversation about toilet cleaner. EVERY time -- even when I'm looking at the microwave popcorn. To make matters worse, she wears this fanny pack and every so often will take something out of your cart and put it in her fanny pack to do a "price check." I'm not even sure what she's talking about, but I never get the stuff back.
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