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eBay woes.

Back on the 8th of May I bought this book from dayofthedeaddog on eBay. The payment went through on PayPal the same day, £4.74. Not much, I know. I still haven't received the book and it's been over two months. I emailed the seller twice about not having received the book. The first time I got a capslocked message saying that yes, it had definitely been posted. The second time I got no reply whatsoever; I was asking whether the seller had sent the item by surface mail or airmail.

What should I do? Should I wait a little bit longer and see if it comes by surface mail, or write it off and leave them negative feedback? I mean, I guess it could be the fault of the postal service that I haven't received the book, but the seller's been noncommunicative and it's irritating because I know that dayofthedeaddog has been online, as they've left feedback for other people in the time since I sent my last message.
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