Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

Dish network

I hate companies that disconnect you if you're one day late with your payment. Dish Network seems to be one of those companies. Our payment was due on the 12th but we forgot so on the 13th our satellite was disconnected. Lovely, so we call and pay and get it back on around 8:30 PM. Guess what, satellite was disconnected AGAIN - why? Because we owed them $10. -_- That's right $10. We paid the full amount on Thursday when it was disconnect ($92.some odd change - We have the top 180 package for $89.99 plus tax). WHAT that $10 was, no idea. Hubby is calling them now to bitch because we paid the FULL amount on THURSDAY. Any fees should have been told to us THEN or added to our next bill. Freaking crooks. Least the only good thing about them is that they're not Charter who are worse when it comes to hidden fees and charges. I still would like to know how a $39.99 bill ends up to over $100 a month at Charter.
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